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Spiritual Wellness: Why Develop Spirituality?

By Karen Best Wright

Published in Albemarle Tradewinds

Spiritual Wellness refers to developing and experiencing morals, values, and purpose in life. As with the other areas of wellness, spiritual growth affects total wellness. The synergy of all aspects of wellness creates balance or imbalance in life.

There are multiple paths when developing spiritual health and identity. Spiritual wellness has less to do with a specific religion and more to do with experiencing a connection or relationship with a power greater than the conscious mind.

Spirituality is important. It is personal and will be experienced diversely by most everyone. Many people will develop spiritual wellness through religion or religious beliefs. Others will experience the spiritual process through meditation or thoughtfulness on who they are and what is happening in life.

Society often presents many challenges when focusing on developing spiritual awareness. Learning to view these challenges through a spiritual perspective can bring understanding to a chaotic life. That understanding can create motivation to improve life or bring peace to accept it.

Seeking to understand the connection among all earth's living - be they human, animals, or nature -   can bring a sense of spiritual wonder to life. Accepting that there is a reason for the "why" of life, even when it is not fully understood, brings both fascination and personal peace.

For some, being among like-minded people - a church or one's "tribe" - will bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Others may find their spiritual path a private and authentic way of life. Whatever avenue is chosen to achieve spiritual wellness, there are commonalities. A sense of purpose, developing and understanding personal values, and connecting to one's belief in God, a higher power, or a universal greater knowledge promotes spiritual growth and well-being.


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